Jackson Purchase Firefighters Association

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It is that time of the year to start your plans for attending the 2018 JPFA School. Now open under the tab above labeled "2018 Fire School"  you will find all the published information needed to start your planning.

2018 JPFA Fire School

Jackson Purchase Area

The Jackson Purcahse Firefighters Association encompasses the following western Kentucky Counties. Ballard, Calloway, Carslise, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Marshall, McCracken & Livingston


The Jackson Purchase Firefighters Association (JPFA) provides an association for all fire departments in Western Kentucky to provide training and a body and voice for all fire associations in the Jackson Purchase Area.

The Courage that drives us.

Courage is not living without fear, Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway.


Americas Bravest

Each member of the governing body for Jackson Purchase Firefighters Assosciation can easily be proud of all of the firefighters that are in our area and would like to say Thank You to each one for what you do for your community.




Years of Organization

Counties Served

Departments Represented

2017/18 Officers

President                  Jennifer Jackson         Hickman City Fire Department
1st Vice President    Jeff Lindsey                Lone Oak Fire Department
2nd Vice President   Doug Cooper              Hendron Fire Department
Secretary                  Kelly Harris                SFRT Area 1
Treasurer                  Becky Hartley            South Marshall Fire Department