Jackson Purchase Firefighters Association

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Welcome to 2018 JPFA Registration
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1. Scroll through our choice of classes to find your desired class. Each tab can be expanded for a full class description without making a purchase.

2.  Only 1 student per purchase for classes. Each student MUST purchase a JPFA Pass in order to complete registration for the school weekend.

3. After choosing to add your JPFA Pass, choose the appropriate class and proceed to the checkout or continue to fill your weekend schedule then proceed to checkout. Each student shall have a JPFA Pass and their appropriate weekend classes listed in their invoice at this point.

4. When prompted to enter personal information please complete every information block. Under Special Instructions you must enter your department being represented and your Firefighter #

5. Continue to complete your purchase process and prepare for an exciting weekend of Fire Training.

Note:  Due to class sizes and occurances that may arrise, some classes may be altered with either location instructions or cancellations. Please be prepared to recieve notification via e-mail of any changes. In rare occassions an alternate class may be suggested, so please be familar with all of our opportunites and have an idea of a possible alternate class that you may be interested in. 

Thank you, and enjoy your 2018 Jackson Purchase Fire School experience.

JPFA Student Forms

Download and print Live Fire Consent Fom
Download and print registration form if you choose to not enroll on-line
Jr./Explorer Firefighter Programs

Jr. Firefighters are welcome to attend the school but will need to provide the Jr. Firefighter form at registration.  Please download the form
and turn in.

Explorer Release Form.pdf